The Royal Management Inc. Team

At Royal Management Inc., we believe that great minds deliver quality product when they are working together. The powerful individuals and their drive within our office create different ideas and draw unique conclusions with one another. We know that each employee matters and do everything we can to create the best possible working environment for our team.

We Are More Than Just an Office

When you join the Royal Marketing Inc. team, you’ll gain more than a great career. You’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded team members who share our vision for success. We thrive on working together to make a difference for the brands we represent as well as our community. More importantly, we support each other. We’re more than just coworkers. We’re like a family. We celebrate each other’s victories, professionally and personally. We also help each other find solutions to challenges and collaborate to deliver all-around positive outcomes.

Business Development Training California

Building a career at Royal Management Inc. means more than just having a job.

It’s an opportunity to leave a mark on the world. We offer opportunities to become part of a shared vision and do something bigger. Royal Management's emphasis on ongoing professional development and advancement will empower you to learn more and earn more. The atmosphere here is focused on camaraderie and giving back. You’ll make a positive mark on our community with our values and marketing strategies while contributing to a top-notch company culture.

  • Brittinie Outley - HR Director

    Brittinie Outley - HR Director

    Brittinie Outley is our HR Director.

    She has a BA in Behavioral Sciences.

    Brittinie joined the organization in 2017 because she has a passion for people and business development.

    Brittinie is committed to providing a comfortable and inclusive workspace environment where individuals can achieve personal career goals in a team-oriented and goal-driven environment.

    Her personal hobbies include spending time with family, collecting Pathos, Peace Lilies, as well as reading American Historical novels.

  • Rowan Vaughs - Account manager

    Rowan Vaughs - Account manager

    From Sonoma

    Goals: Wants to open her own business. Rowan is very family oriented and she wants to become a better daughter and sister

    Hobbies: She loves to play volleyball she played throughout her career in high school and on the collegiate level.

  • Diego Benitez - Account Manager

    Diego Benitez - Account Manager

    Goals: Diego plans to open his own business and learn as much as he can about Business development . He is currently attending San Diego State University Is to obtain a BA in economics.
    He loves being able to coach and develop people and help them achieve their goal.
    Hobbies: Diego has a Passion for soccer. He and a couple of his friends created their only in Mexico.

  • Obaidullah Elahi - Account manager

    Obaidullah Elahi - Account Manager

    From Afghanistan.

    Multilingual native Persian speaker

    He is passionate about his family.

    Goals: To get to expand with T-Mobile.

  • Gina - Account Manager

    Gina - Account Manager

    Has a passion for supporting her family. She is a proud grandmother.

    Goals: To expand to Texas with T-Mobile.

    Hobbies: Watching sports like women's basketball (Go Sparks!).

  • Ahmed Ghazi - Account Manager

    Ahmed Ghazi - Account Manager

    From Iraq

    Passionate about sports especially ping pong. Other than that, he likes to hike.

    Goals: To be a millionaire by 30.

    Hobbies: Playing the guitar and Video games on PC.

  • Lucas Siseneros

    Lucas Siseneros - Account Manager

    From Los Angeles

    Attended college in Stockton CA.

    Goals: His goals are to learn more about the backend of business and eventually start his own. He is looking to grow professionally.

    He is passionate about his family and appreciates the support his fiance gives him to achieve his goals.

    Hobbies: His hobbies include playing PC games such as league of legends and he plays the saxophone in his spare time.

  • Luis Fernando Aka Fernando

    Luis Fernando Aka Fernando - Account Manager

    From Tijuana Mexico

    Goals: His goals include owning his own business.

    He wants to be a stable provider for his future family. He has a passion for music, soccer, psychology, and personal development.

    Hobbies: His hobbies include being a house music DJ and traveling

  • Isaac Benitez - Account manager

    Isaac Benitez
    Account manager

  • Abdullah Alansari - Account manager

    Abdullah Alansari
    Account manager