How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

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There were many changes taking place through the pandemic, with companies and businesses unsure about keeping up and following all of them. For the most part, offices and businesses were shutting down some of their departments and making changes to the processes they were running. 

As a marketing firm, companies started approaching us as the economy and the markets began opening up. After a year and a half of going through lockdowns and restrictions, the authorities opened up and eased down on the restrictions. Companies found it a lot more convenient to work with us and outsource their marketing instead of restarting the department because they were going through costs and expenses and it seemed to make more sense and was financially viable.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization expanded to new markets and could provide our staff with job security during a difficult time for many individuals. The growth our organization has achieved is projected to continue throughout the rest of the year and well into February 2022.

However, there were several changes that we had to adapt to but getting through them was probably not as challenging as many might have thought. Since the pandemic started there have been many changes in the way our staff communicates and interacts with one another. From integrating new technology such as Zoom to our organization conference calls, redecorating and restructuring the office so our staff can safely social distance, and conducting team nights and fun activities virtually for our staff and their families to enjoy.

While there were changes taking place regarding communication, our staff has been fortunate enough to remain in the office during the pandemic. Many companies were finding it challenging to have others come to their office. Even with the movement and social distancing norms, we found it easy to adapt and had a great time getting through the process. We could communicate better with each other if we were in the same place and make sure we coordinated processes better.

However, with everyone coming into the office, we had to make sure that they were safe. We had to follow various measures to ensure we met the requirements and norms put out. Our staff makes a point to sanitize the workspace after company and client meetings as well as before and after team members leave an office space for the day. We also ensure we coordinate the cleaning of public areas like waiting rooms and lobbies, which see many people.

While many thought it would make sense to change their working hours, ours have not changed, and we made sure to maintain the same schedule due to the pandemic. We wanted to make the process easier so that our clients would not find it challenging, getting in touch with us. With so many changes taking place, we wanted to get through the process and make it as convenient as possible for our clients.

We have always used secure platforms when handling confidential client or customer information. Since the pandemic, we have been able to expand our confidential database with new partnerships.

Our office has been using the Zoom platform for most conversations with our client base. While we are open to meeting each other in person, we have rules about the clients we interact with. We make sure that we have the correct number of people coming into the office. We cannot allow all our meetings on the same day and have to space them out. Additionally, if we have clients who do not want to meet in person, we are happy to interact with them online and find the most convenient way to assist as best as we can. The staff is always willing to take part in and conduct public events and business expos with the proper safety protocols in place.

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