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As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and caused necessary shutdowns and physical distancing and separation, the need for communication has become even more crucial. This need has become even more visible in low-income communities, where a home phone and cell phone service could mean the difference between getting medical assistance on time or waiting until it’s too late.

At Royal Management Inc. recently, we have taken it upon ourselves to make a difference. Over the past couple of months, our mission has been to raise awareness for the California Lifeline Program and bring in additional revenue for T-mobile in the process. In this respect, we have promoted two of our top managers to represent T-mobile and the California Lifeline administration and also expanded our team while building close team bonds.

Reasons we have partnered with the California Lifeline Program are a state program that provides discounted home phone and cell phone services to eligible households. They not only help consumers lower the cost of their phone bills but offer one discount per household except in the case of teletypewriter users and for the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program participants.

Similarly, T-Mobile is on a nationwide Network that helps those who are low-income connect to services that provide better opportunities for families to find jobs, communicate with their families, as well as with their health providers.

At Royal Management Inc., our work with government-funded outreach programs to distribute telecommunication devices to targeted markets has taken steps towards a better future by helping the disadvantaged stay connected with the world.​ We believe in providing a valuable service to those in need to strengthen the community. Additionally, our representatives within this outreach program become stunning leaders while advocating for human equity. Our team is composed of dynamic personalities that can lead a team, make great connections, and positively impact our communities.

Concerning the response to our outreach programs, we have received reviews from happy customers and feedback from employees establishing that we have a tremendous team-oriented environment with excellent growth opportunities that foster success. We believe our tangible success directly results from our commitment to hiring energetic, positive people. Being part of a great initiative that is California LifeLine has greatly helped low-income individuals and their families better their lives. All in all, 2021, has seen one of the most significant growth rates for the California LifeLine program, and we are proud of the amount of research and number of outreach events we hosted for a great cause.

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